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RailsConf2006 Aftermath

Posted 28 Jun 2006

As promised during my talk at RailsConf, I have uploaded a new version of my railsbench package to rubyforge. You can either download the tar ball or get the new version using svn. Apologies to all users which have a checked out and modified version of the old CVS archive. I decided to convert from CVS to subversion since I kept typing svn commands at my CVS archive, so it had to go.

The svn url for railsbench is svn://

The new version now supports running ruby-prof as an alternative to SVL's Ruby Performance Validator. This should make some Mac and Linux users happy. However, ruby-prof is only a weak substitute for a good profiler.

Profiling with ruby-prof requires ruby 1.8.4 and works like this:

perf_prof n "-bm=benchmark_name other_options" config_name

This will run the named benchmark n times using ruby-prof and store the resulting HTML formatted profiler graph into $RAILS_PERF_DATA

Happy profiling!

PS: My presentation given at RailsConf2006 is available for download.

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