This site is dedicated to further knowledge about creating Ruby on Rails applications professionaly. We discuss Ruby on Rails features from a performance angle, discuss Ruby on Rails performance analysis methods, provide information on Ruby on Rails scaling and benchmark Ruby on Rails performance for each release. We discuss best practices for selecting Ruby on Rails session containers, fragment and page caching and optimizing database queries.

Usual Benchmarks used on this site

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For performance tests, I almost always use the following benchmark pages from my recipe database application:

/empty/index a simple render_text
/welcome/index a welcome page, action cached
/rezept/index application front page, user dependent, action cached
/rezept/myknzlpzl my recipes, user dependent, action cached
/rezept/show/713 show recipe 713
/rezept/cat/Hauptspeise show all recipes of category Hauptspeise, paginated
/rezept/cat/Hauptspeise?page=5 page 5 of category Hauptspeise
/rezept/letter/G all recipes with a title starting with G, paginated

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