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New plugin: query_builder

Posted 23 Sep 2006

I’ve added another plugin for you to check out: query_builder.

This plugin enables you to define finder methods that bypass the overhead of construct_finder_sql.

Inside an ActiveRecord model definition,
  define_finder query_name, query_type, options_hash
will create a SQL query method called query_name from a given options_hash. query_type can be :first or :all. The plugin supports all options except :include, but ignores with_scope options. Example:
class Recipe
  define_finder :find_all_of_user, :all,
     :conditions => 'user = :user AND priv < :priv'
This defines a query method which can be called like so:
Recipe.find_all_of_user :user => 'martin', :priv => 1
This call is equivalent to
Recipe.find :all, :conditions =&gt;
            [ 'user = :user AND priv < :priv',
              {:user => 'martin', :priv => 1} ]
If options[:positional] is not nil or false, the created query method will use positional paramaters instead of a hash. In this case, arguments are created in the order of appearance on the parameters passed to define_finder. Therefore
define_finder :find_all_of_user, :all,
      :conditions => 'user = :user AND priv < :priv',
      :positional => true
will create a query method with parameters user and priv, which can be called like so:
Recipes.find_all_of_user('martin', 1)

I converted one of my pages to use this style and it gained 10% more performance.

If you like this plugin, drop me a line. If you find a bug, please submit a bug report to Trac


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