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SqlSessionStore now available as a plugin

Posted 15 Sep 2006

Rails core team member Rick Olson, the author of many rails plugins, mephisto and techno-weenie, has turned SQLSessionStore into a plugin and sent his code for me to publish. Thanks a lot Rick!

I incorporated the latest changes from my sql session store implementation, most notably postgresql support, and added sql_session_store to my trac installation.

Using sql_session_store is now easier than ever before. Check it out into your vendor/plugins directory:

svn co  \

and follow the instructions in the README file.

If you find any problems with the plugin, which would be entirely my own fault, not Rick’s, please use Trac to report them.

BTW, I’d love to get support in for additional database adapters, especially Oracle. I you find the time to write an adapter, please submit the code using Trac, or email me.

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